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Dedoes Cyclone Air Shaker

The original American made air shaker.

Model 0910P or M232

Backed by a three year warranty,

The one everyone else copied.

$549.00 Price includes freight in Continental US

Optional Base $139.00 Price includes freight in Continental US

Model: M232, 0910P, A97, 09-00902, 52000, 8302


Mixes paint and primers/fillers in just minutes
(up to 700 RPM)

Made from tough A383 aluminum

200 ft. lb. peak mixing torque

3 year warranty

Built in air pressure compensator and automatic
lubricator are standard


Accommodates pints, gallons, imperial gallons, aerosols,
rectangular gallons, 4 liter, and some 5 liter cans

Clamp orientation is adjustable

Consumes only 4.3 CFM free air during operation

Operation pressure ranges from 70 to 150 psi at the inlet

Made in USA 

Dedoes Cyclone Paint Shakers  



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