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Hero S2700, 5 Gallon - Mega Mix
High Speed Multi Can
Automatic Paint Shaker

All HERO prices include freight in continental Unites States and Canada


Model S2700, MegaMix is a quit high speed automatic. Its elliptical action mixes most paint in 30 seconds. Accommodates all can shapes and sixes from 1 to 7 quarts to 5 gallon pails. The S2700 is totally automatic. Simply push the start button and this unit will clamp, run, release, reset and open the door! Fully enclosed for silent operation and added safety locks.

  • Heavy duty mixing capacity- up to 110 lbs. (50 KG)
  • Accommodates all can shapes and sizes from half pint to 5 gallon cans, will also accept 1 gallon cases.
  • Electronics- state of the art innovative linear drive pressure plate design. Electronic pressure sensing with CPU based control board.
  • Simple to operate panel- Two push buttons and a timer control the machine.
  • Emergency Stop- Cuts power to machine immediately.
  • Clear door for visual inspection.
  • Unit includes: 7 position quart can adapter and 2 can pads.
  • Easy to load- Slide payload from shelf on to stainless steel tray.
  • Maximum load dimension: 16" H, 15" W, 14.5" D.
  • Equipped with wheels for easy installation.
  • Reciprocating elliptical motion blends and conditions paint thoroughly.
  • Two (2) year parts warranty, One (1) year labor warranty.
  • Shipping 630 lbs: 32" Wide x 32" Deep x 68" High.
  • Footprint: 61" high, 27" wide, 24" deep.
  • Motor: 120V./60HZ or 220V./50HZ with surcharge.


Hero S2160M, TruMix XHD, Five Gallon paint shaker

Height 42", Width 30", Depth 36.5", Weight 425 lbs, Load Capacity 125 lbs

Warranty:1 year parts and labor, 2nd year parts.

Our Extra Heavy Duty model provides a specialized mixing motion for 5-gallon pails of heavier materials, such as stucco or block filler. Its heavier build easily accommodates up to 125 lb. and loads safely and effectively.

Adapter: Includes 1-gallon adapter.

Timers: Mechanical, up to 5 minutes

$6400.00 Includes freight in the continental US and Canada


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