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Miracle Paint Rejuvenator recently celebrated its 70th Anniversary of producing quality mixing solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality engineering continues to this day. Weather your requirement is Laboratory Mixers, Automotive Shakers, Architectural Paint Mixers, Shakers for Ink Preparation, Industrial Products Blenders or Tumbler and Debur Applications we have a heavy duty industrial mixer that meets your needs.

Miracle Paint's founder, invented the first shaker in 1932. His invention was designed to rejuvenate his stock of paint for his three paint stores so his inventory would not spoil. This timely invention not only helped Fred Schletz survive the depression years, the demand for his mixers became so great, that he sold the paint stores and started the Miracle Paint Rejuvenator company to produce mixers full time!

*All Explosion Proof units must be installed by a qualified electrician in compliance with the hazardous environment the mixing is taking place in. Consult your electrician for timer options. 

Blue Boy M-5, Five Gallon Paint Shaker
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