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The Miracle Blue Boy is still the industry standard for five gallon mixing. The highly efficient, fast operating clamping system allows you to shake 1, 2, or 5 gallon steel or plastic pails up to 80 pounds without the use of adapters. Simply load your five gallon pail horizontally and secure the clamp.

The Blue Boy MBB-5-C comes with a 115/230 volt 1/2 H.P. motor and a standard 30 minute timer.

The Blue Boy MBB-5-C-EXP Explosion Proof* mixers Allows you to mix in a Class 1, Group D environment. Explosion proof switch included, no timer.


Blue Boy MBB-5-C
Weight 165 lbs.
Width 28"
Depth 19"
Height 21"
Comes with a 30 min. timer



Blue Boy MBB-5-C-EXP*

Weight 175 lbs.
Width 28"
Depth 19"
Height 21"
Explosion Proof Switch included

*All Explosion Proof units must be installed by a qualified electrician in compliance with the hazardous environment the mixing is taking place in. Consult your electrician for timer options.








Optional Accessories:

The Miracle Paint Blue Boy 5 gallon mixer now is available with a full safety cover.  This metal enclosure creates a safety envelope that protects workers in close proximity and ensures improperly loaded cans and pails remain in the mixer.  The safety cover is available with new machine orders and for field upgrades.   The enclosure for the MBB-5-C cord electric model (shown) includes a limit switch and a 30 minute timer.  The enclosure for the MBB-5-C-EXP explosion proof mixer does not.

135 lbs. ; 33" x 26" x 28"

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