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Paint Shakers and Mixers

Mayer Paint Equipment is the top paint shaker supplier in the United States. We have been delivering excellent paint equipment like paint shakers and mixers to our clients since 1986.

At Mayer Paint Equipment, we have paint equipment from the top manufacturing brands like Radia, Red Devil, Cyclone, Pacer, Miracle, and Hero. The products that we supply include paint mixers and shakers. One, five and multi gallon and explosion proof. These products find their application in paint, automotive industry, laboratories, Architecture, Ink preparation, etc. These heavy duty shakers are used for mixing various kinds of paints, adhesives, inks, coatings etc.

Our Products

You can shop for some of the most popular brands when it comes to buying paint equipment in the US. The products are equipped with the latest technology and come with a manufactures warranty. The paint shakers are highly powerful and have great durability. They come in flexible and efficient designs.

Make your choice from some of the highest performing machines with great efficiency. They are equipped with advanced features while making the best use of technology. We offer some of the top brands of paint shakers and mixers.

Why Choose Mayer Paint Equipment?

Cost-effective Price Range
Our paint shakers are available at the most competitive prices in the market that can easily fit within the budget of our clients.

Assured Warranty
All our paint equipment comes with a manufactures warranty so that you can get it repaired easily.

If you are looking for the top-notch paint shaker suppliers in the United States, contact Mayer Paint Equipment today. Here you can find world-class paint equipment for all your job requirements.