Hero One Gallon Paint Shakers

Hero 1 One Gallon Paint Mixer Shaker Stirrer

NEW Model S2450 Counter Top
NEW Model S2451 Floor Stand

One Gallon Dual Axis Mixers

One gallon vortex paint mixers feature a unique dual action mixing, can spins while it rotates. Centrifugal force holds can in place while providing FAST, QUITE and RELIABLE mixing. Mixers feature; mechanical timer, paint spill containment system, one quart/pint adapter. Rugged construction. Easy to clean and operate.

One Gallon Vortex Mixer – Multi-Mix™
The S2450 and S2451 is a time tested and performance proven one gallon Dual Axis™ vortex paint mixer. This unit features HERO’s rugged gear driven design tested to 100,000+ mix cycles.


  • Gear Dual Axis™ vortex mixing action – can spins while it rotates on two axis
  • Nylatron™ gear drive
  • Lid Locks – unique lid lock holds can lid down while mixing
  • Gallon can holder – holds round plastic or metal cans, also available with square/round can holder
  • Door Sensor – mixer will not operate until door is closed
  • Rotating door – for “zero” vertical clearance
  • Three point heavy duty shock absorbing frame mounts for quiet, safe and vibration free operation
  • Simple rugged mechanical timer, also available with digital push button timer
  • S2451 has a removable floor stand for counter/shelf operation
  • Silicone conformal coated control board for protection against moisture and humidity
  • Unique spill containment system
  • 1 quart/ Pint can adapter included
  • All steel construction, epoxy powder coated main enclosure
  • Heavy duty ball bearing motor, 1/4 hp. 115 Volt / 60 hz

Paint Spill Containment System:
The unrivaled paint containment system channels spills to the tray located at the bottom of the mixer. Not only does this machine contain the spill, it eliminates floor clean up.

S2450 (Counter Top) Foot Print: 25″H x 18″W x 24.5″D, 100 lbs.

S2451 (Floor Stand) Foot Print: 36″H x 18″W x 24″D, 133 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice

S2450- One Gal. Vortex Mixer (Counter Top): $1995.00

S2450-PCS (Counter Top) with square can holder: $2295.00

S2451- One Gal Vortex Mixer (Floor Stand): $2295.00

All HERO Paint Shaker prices include freight in continental Unites States and Canada.

Double Stacker Stand

HL350-A8D Double Stacker Stand $359.00 + freight
21x36x38″, 75lbs