Pacer Bases And Covers

Floor Stand
All Pacer industrial paint mixers require a stand for mounting. The Floor stand is the most popular option. The heavy duty steel stand brings the mixer to the optimum height. The secure base can be moved between work areas and takes minimal space. Whether you use your Pacer mixer as a paint can shaker, ink mixer, or industrial paint mixer the floor stand provides a stable work station. Isolator cups require gluing to floor surface.
69 lbs; 20″ x 18″ x 29.5″

Counter Stand
The Pacer counter stand is the preferred mounting option if you want to mix on existing work surfaces. The industrial suspension isolates the aggressive mix from the mounting surface. The counter stand is easy to assemble and easy to move between work stations. The counter stand paint can shakers provide a compact, flexible mixing solution to any environment. For use on existing work surfaces. 21″ x 19″ x 5.25″

Safety Covers
Pacer is committed to safety as we know our customers are. The safety cover fully encloses the mixing arm during shaking. This enclosure prevents accidental contact with the industrial paint mixer’s mixing arm while in use and prevents accident from containers loaded improperly. If you already own a Pacer mixer and want to add the covers, full assembly instructions are provided.

Recommended option for all Pacer Industrial Mixers for maximum operator safety. Limit switch available on dial timer models.